Hair Doctor Checking Woman Hair For Dandruff

Hair Shedding Prevention Tips From a Hair Doctor

Are you losing hair at an alarming rate? While every day, most people lose more than 50 hairs, those hairs quickly fill-in according to a natural growth cycle. If you see more hair in your bathroom sink or brush than you’d like, you will want…
Trichologist examines woman patient's hairs using computer trichoscopy in clinic. Runs a trichoscope over head skin and looks at hairs on monitor screen. Diagnostic of hair follicles to cure.

Reasons to See a Trichologist

A trichologist is a trained expert in hair and scalp health and appearance. If you worry about how your hair looks, your scalp feels, or if thinning hair upsets you, a trichologist may help you. Let’s talk about the reasons to see a trichologist…
Hair Doctor Checking Woman Hair

Questions to Ask Your Hair Doctor

Do you have hair-related concerns and not know whom to consult? A hair doctor is your go-to expert. They will have the answers to all of your questions and thoroughly explain your diagnosis and treatment options to empower you to make the right…