How Can Stem Cells Help Hair Regrowth?

hair loss - stem cell

Hair loss is a serious concern for a lot of men and women. There are numerous causes of hair loss, ranging from genetics and nutritional deficiencies to stress and health conditions. No matter what the cause of your hair loss is, there is no need to lose hope and surrender to it.

There are a lot of treatments available if you are seeking to regrow your hair. You don’t have to rely on surgery only. Stem cell therapy is a nonsurgical procedure that can do wonders in helping regrow your hair.

Stem Cell Therapy and Hair Regrowth

Stem cells are natural cells produced by the body, often stored in fat and bone marrow. Stem cells can be used for a variety of purposes, particularly as replacements for cells the body is no longer producing or is in need of. Stem cells have the ability to be customized to become the type of cells your body needs. They are blank cells that can be transformed to fulfill any need of your body.

ACell is a regenerative medicine company that develops products that activate stem cells in the body and help facilitate the body’s natural repair at a cellular level. ACell provides products that serve as scaffolding for new tissue growth on the scalp. You can combine ACell with other treatments, such as hair transplant surgery and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, to get excellent results in terms of hair regrowth.

PRP therapy and ACell create a potent blend of cells, growth factors, and healing properties that enhance your scalp’s health and help regrow hair. This treatment can be combined with hair transplant surgery for superior results, although it can also be performed independently.

Some of the benefits of ACell and PRP therapy are:

  • Faster healing after hair transplant surgery
  • Stabilization of hair loss
  • Improved hair quality of existing hair
  • Minimal scar tissue formation as a result of hair transplant surgery
  • Prevention of further hair loss
  • Repair and remodel of damaged tissue and hair follicles that have miniaturized
  • Activation of dormant stem cells in hair follicles

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth at Kansas City and Liberty, MO

If you are interested in stem cell therapy for hair regrowth, the friendly hair loss professionals at Darling Hair Restoration can evaluate your hair loss and determine the right treatment for you. Oftentimes, hair loss treatment isn’t a one-solution deal. Your hair specialist needs to work with you to develop a treatment plan involving different things you can employ to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Your treatment plan also depends on the results you want. The experts at Darling Hair Restoration understand the complexities of hair loss and can help you find viable solutions.

Don’t let hair loss hold you back in life. To schedule a free consultation, call Darling Hair Restoration at (816) 792-3400 or request an appointment now. We look forward to helping restore your confidence in how you look.