Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Graft Cost

For most people, the cost of a hair transplant is a major concern. This concern often poses a number of questions about hair transplant costs, specifically when comparing the costs of other hair restoration options. The two most frequently asked questions are, “how much does a hair transplant cost?” and “how much do you charge per graft?”

At Darling Hair Restoration, we strive to bring you quality service at an affordable price. The cost of Hair Restoration can vary greatly based upon individual patient needs. You will see an actual licensed physician at all appointments during your treatment. Dr. Darling, a triple board-certified physician and specialist in hair restoration, formulates a personalized treatment plan for each of his patients. There may be undiagnosed medical issues causing your hair loss that Dr. Darling will examine during your initial consultation.  By giving each patient an initial consultation, and then ongoing personal care with an actual physician, Dr. Darling is able to give accurate, effective, and in-depth treatment plans. Your treatment plan may involve different courses of action from medication all the way up to surgical procedures. What may work for others may not work for you. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Darling to discuss your personalized treatment plan and cost. We have partnered with CareCredit and Prosper to offer payment options for everyone looking to begin their hair restoration journey.  

Hair Transplant Surgery in Kansas City & Liberty, MO

For more information about hair transplant surgery cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Darling. During your appointment, Dr. Darling will discuss your desired outcome and explain your hair restoration options, including surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair restoration treatments. Then, based on your needs and your budget, Dr. Darling will help you decide which option is best for you and provide you with more accurate information on hair transplant cost in relation to your specific situation.

To schedule your hair transplant consultation, call Darling Hair Restoration at (816) 792-3400 or use our online form to request an appointment.

Financing Your Hair Restoration Procedure with Prosper

Darling Hair Restoration partners with Prosper Healthcare Financing and CareCredit to provide our patients access to quality financing options for all those looking to begin their hair restoration journey.

Get a custom rate in 1 click at the Prosper website.

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