Hair Transplant Cost

Most people find a major concern with carrying out a procedure such as a hair transplant is with the cost. This concern often poses a number of questions about hair transplant costs, specifically when comparing the costs of other hair restoration options. The two most frequently asked questions are, “how much does a hair transplant cost?” and “how much do you charge per graft”?

We have a simple pricing scale that determines cost on a per graft basis.

For more information about hair transplant surgery cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Darling. During your appointment, Dr. Darling will discuss with you what you desired outcome and based on your hair restoration needs, will address what are your best hair restoration options. From this point, Dr. Darling can provide you with more accurate information on hair transplant cost in relation to your specific situation.

To schedule your hair transplant consultation, give us a call at 816-792-3400 or use our online appointment form to schedule your next appointment.

Financing Your Procedure with Prosper

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