Corrective Hair Transplants

Dr. Darling specializes in corrective hair transplant surgery, also known as revision hair transplant surgery. This procedure is designed to correct previous hair restorations. Corrective hair transplants are used to fix the artificial appearance of previous hair restorations procedure, specifically those done at a time when hair plugs were the standard option. Dr. Darling has also worked with patients who have seen poor results from their previous doctor(s).

While hair plugs are no longer used in hair transplants, there remains a varying degree of service quality, equipment, and methodologies among hair transplant surgeons. For these reasons, it is important to carefully assess the options available to you as well as the technical skills and experience of your hair transplant specialist. Since developing a natural appearance requires a great deal of skill and artistry, it is imperative that your surgeon not only have the technical skills to properly harvest and implant the individual hairs, but also the artistic and creative vision to create a natural, smooth hairline that suits the age, ethnicity, facial structure, gender, and personal features of the individual. Additionally, you want to be confident in the knowledge that your new hair will age properly over time.

If you are not satisfied with your prior hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Darling and his highly skilled team can correct hair transplants performed by other doctors, so please reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Hair Transplant Corrective Procedures

There are many reasons that a hair transplant procedure may produce poor results. Understanding these common pitfalls allows Dr. Darling to identify the most efficient and least intrusive method for correcting previous procedures.

The most common mistakes occur during the harvesting of hair follicles. If the follicles are mishandled or improperly dissected, the hairs may fail to take hold or become brittle and recede quickly. Other mistakes can occur while implanting the grafts. If the grafts are not implanted correctly, again the hair may fail to take hold and recede over a short period of time. Generally, these mistakes occur when surgeons are inexperienced or when the procedure is split among several team members. Specifically, when the procedure is separated between multiple surgeons, the procedure may lack a unified vision for the final result.

Aside from these general mistakes, corrective hair surgery may be necessary if your previous surgeon lacked the artistic eye to create an aesthetically pleasing, natural hairline.

Corrective Hair Replacement Technique

Dr. Darling carefully identifies what aspects of the prior hair restoration procedure are not working to determine the best approach for correcting the results. Once this is done, Dr. Darling and his skilled team create hair restoration results that are look natural and aesthetically pleasing and age properly over time.

Aside from addressing the mistakes of a prior procedure, Dr. Darling employs roughly the same technique for correcting previous procedures as he would for one’s first procedure.

  • Hairline Design – Dr. Darling identifies the most natural looking hairline for the individual based on one’s age, amount of hair loss, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  • Harvesting – Donor hair is carefully harvested to protect blood supply and nerves while maximizing harvest yield. Additionally, by carefully closing the donor sites, Dr. Darling can minimize discomfort and improve healing.
  • Preparing The Hair Graft – Hair grafts are painstakingly dissected and prepared for transplant by Dr. Darling personally.
  • Creating Recipient Sites – When creating recipient sites, Dr. Darling must consider the angles, direction, pattern, and the particular traits of the individual recipient site to ensure the most natural results.
  • Placing The Hair Grafts – Dr. Darling expertly places all hair grafts so that they align with the growth patterns of your natural hair.

Cost of Corrective Hair Restoration

Like most hair restoration procedure, there is no generic cost because each procedure involves the unique traits of the patient. All corrective hair transplant costs will be discussed in great detail at your initial consultation. Dr. Darling will assess your current circumstances, discuss what results you wish to achieve, and determine the most effective option for remedying your previous hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Doctor in Kansas City & Liberty, MO

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