Common Myths About Hair Growth

Whether you would like to have thicker hair or you are losing your hair, you may be wondering how you can grow more hair. While the Internet is a valuable resource for many types of information, you may be hearing a lot of falsehoods about hair growth.

Let’s debunk some old myths about hair growth, and talk about where you can go to have your own hair evaluated and treated successfully:

Myth #1: Brushing and Shampooing Make You Lose Hair

You shed many hairs each day, and new hairs take their place. You may see this newer, shorter hair when you brush or wash it, but you’re not losing hair from these tasks.

Therefore, you should keep brushing and washing your hair as usual, because you’re not affecting how much hair you have. In fact, brushing helps to redistribute normal skin oils through the hair, and it also encourages blood flow in the scalp due to the mini massaging action. Just don’t brush too hard, and don’t brush when hair is wet – only comb gently through wet hair.

Myth #2: Healthier Hair Is Brushed More

In fact, if you brush your hair too much, you can damage your hair’s cuticle – which protects your hair’s shaft and keeps your hair growing strong. Generally, you only want to brush your hair as much as necessary, such as brushing for routine upkeep or when you have a knot.

Myth #3: Washing Your Hair Less Helps It Grow More

Dirty hair does not grow more. In fact, your hair will grow out more effectively when you wash it when it needs to be cleaned, because clogged (dirty) hair follicles can hinder hair growth.

Myth #4: Plucking Gray Hairs Will Make More Grow

If you have an issue with hair growth, you may have heard through the grapevine that extra hair will grow in if you pluck your gray hairs. However, this isn’t true. When you pluck a hair, it only affects that follicle; and if you pluck the same hair over and over again, you will likely damage that follicle, thereby causing that hair to never grow back.

Myth #5: Supplements Will Make Your Hair Grow

If you already had a vitamin deficiency before taking vitamins, then you may notice your hair growing more – but this is because you’re becoming healthier than before. Otherwise, supplements are excellent for your overall health, but they generally won’t affect hair growth.

Hair Loss Doctor in Liberty, MO, and Urbandale, IA

Our own Dr. Scott Darling uses evidence-based techniques to enhance hair growth for people who want to get their hair back again. Dr. Darling stresses the importance of knowing how to take care of your hair in order to optimize your results. Every hair loss treatment is designed to address specific needs, and he will help you find a treatment that works with your hair type and your lifestyle.

Darling Hair Restoration, serving the Kansas City and West Des Moines regions, helps clients to achieve the head of hair they want to see in the mirror. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Darling, contact our friendly staff today by calling us at (816) 792-3400 or fill out our online contact form now. We look forward to helping your hair look the way you want it to look!