Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy: What You Need to Know

To say that living with cancer is an awful experience is an understatement. If you’ve just recently been diagnosed, your doctor may have already told you that you need chemotherapy. However, while the treatment may help you combat the progression of cancer, it also produces nasty side effects, such as hair loss.

Like many people living with cancer, the last thing you want is probably to get reminded about your illness and every ordeal you have experienced since your diagnosis, and yet, hair loss can give you such a stark reminder.

The good news is hair loss after chemotherapy is just temporary; your hair will regrow in three to six months after the treatment, albeit you may notice that it will be of different shade or texture.

How Chemotherapy Causes Hair Loss

Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs that help mitigate the spread of cancer cells. However, the drugs have no ability to distinguish between cancerous cells and healthy and thus annihilates both types of cells in the process and attack your hair follicles. This results in hair all over your body to fall out, notably your scalp.

Hair Regrowth Timeline

After your treatment, your hair could fall out either gradually or very quickly in clumps. You may also notice scalp tenderness and accumulations of loose hair in your comb, on your pillow, or shower drain.

The timeline provided below can provide you with an insight into what you can anticipate about the regrowth of your hair after chemotherapy:

  • Two to three weeks- You will notice light, fuzzy hair starting to form.
  • One to two months- You will start to grow thicker hair
  • Two to three months- You will notice your hair is already an inch long
  • Six months- You will have already grown approximately two to three inches of hair—just enough to cover bald patches.
  • Twelve months- You will have grown four to six inches and may be able to return to your previous hairstyle. However, if you used to grow very long hair, it may take you years to be able return to your previous hairstyle.

Hair Loss Management After Chemotherapy

You might be interested in working with a hair loss doctor, who can help you grow back your hair faster—and in a safe way.

A hair loss doctor may recommend any of the following hair restoration treatments to boost the regrowth of your hair:

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