How to Get the Best Results from Your PRP Hair Treatments

Man with hair loss problem receiving injection in head

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has many great advantages, from healing a hurting knee to treating hair loss. When applied to the scalp, PRP increases hair growth, thickens the hair shafts, and reduces inflammation – and these are just a few of the benefits of this revolutionary hair treatment.

If you want to help your hair grow or to have thicker hair, but you don’t want a surgical solution (such as a hair transplant), PRP hair treatments may be right for you. Let’s talk about this physician-administered treatment for thinning hair and hair loss, how it works, and where you can go to see an outstanding hair doctor in Kansas City who knows how to help you get your hair back to looking the way you want it to look.

How Does PRP Work for Treating Hair Loss?

In a PRP hair treatment, what your hair doctor will do is to first obtain a small blood sample from your arm. The doctor will then process the blood sample in a centrifuge right there in the office, and the centrifuge will separate the platelets from the rest of the blood components.

The platelets and the liquid plasma will then be retained for your hair loss treatment. This mixture will contain natural cytokines and growth factors that help promote cell regeneration and tissue healing.

The hair doctor will inject the platelet-rich plasma directly into the areas of the scalp where there is hair thinning or hair loss. The platelets will bind together where there is damage – in your case, the scalp and hair follicles – to start the healing process. The PRP hair treatment will help to restore the health of your scalp and promote new hair growth.

Compared to hair medication like Rogaine, PRP therapy has shown greater results in patients who are dealing with hair loss and hair thinning. It is particularly effective in patients who have androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern or female-pattern baldness. PRP is a simple, cost-effective, natural treatment for hair loss, with a very high rate of patient satisfaction.

How Can I Get the Most out of PRP Hair Treatments?

There are a few things that can be done to improve the results of PRP treatment for hair loss:

  1. First, you want a hair restoration doctor who has had years of successfully treating patients who have hair loss or hair thinning. In order for your PRP treatments to produce the desired results, the treatments need to be administered by an experienced and qualified hair doctor. The physician may also combine other hair treatments with your PRP therapy, such as ACell, for optimum results.
  2. Next, it is recommended that patients see a hair doctor sooner rather than later, before the hair loss can become permanent. While PRP treatments have been able to awaken hair follicles that have become dormant, hair treatments are more effective when hair patients see a hair specialist as soon as the hair loss or thinning is noticed.
  3. Lastly, hair patients should be sure to follow all post-treatment instructions carefully to maximize the results PRP hair treatments. This includes avoiding vigorous exercise, avoiding excessive sun exposure, not going to saunas or steam rooms (and subjecting the hairs to extreme temperatures), quitting smoking, and eating a healthy diet with adequate protein.

PRP Treatments for Hair Loss in Kansas City and Des Moines

Dr. Scott Darling at Darling Hair Restoration has been providing hair loss treatments since 1999, and he offers PRP therapy for patients who are good candidates for the procedure. Dr. Darling has earned a reputation for excellence by consistently providing patients with incredible results from his customized treatments – as is evidenced by his before-and-after photos.

To find out whether PRP treatment for hair loss is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Darling. Call us today at (816) 792-3400 or fill out our convenient appointment request form online. We look forward to helping you reverse your hair loss!