What Is ACell Hair Transplant?

ACell Hair Transplant

ACell® is a revolutionary cell-rejuvenation technology that works side-by-side with the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) cells of the patient. This FDA-approved hair transplant formula is designed to stimulate your body’s healing mechanisms and help the body accept the new hair grafts in their new place. This healing mechanism supercharges the effects of hair transplant surgery and, in turn, improves your hair’s growth.

ACell’s MatriStem® technology is an extracellular matrix (ECM), which is a special protein complex that acts as a support structure for new tissue growth. MatriStem changes the healing process of wounds by bringing various cell types to the site of the wound, thereby harnessing the body’s natural healing powers.

ACell is successfully used in a wide range of medical procedures. These include general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery – and now, also hair transplant surgery.

What Is ACell + Platelet-Rich Plasma?

In this treatment, a hair restoration surgeon combines ACell with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and injects the combined solution into the scalp during hair transplant surgery. PRP is a concentration of a sample of your own blood’s platelets that helps to promote healing in the body, and the PRP reinforces the strong structure of the ACell complex.

This solution is also used as a holding solution for hair grafts before they are transplanted back into the scalp. The combined solution helps to support graft survival, thus improving the effects of hair transplant surgery.

Whereas PRP treatment used by itself would have to be repeated at least every two months, the combination of ACell and PRP therapy only requires a once-a-year regimen. Research shows that ACell is effective at both slowing down the hair thinning process and fostering hair regrowth, and PRP helps to reinforce ACell’s capabilities even further.

What Is the Procedure of ACell + PRP in a Hair Transplant?

The combination of ACell + PRP makes the hair follicles thicker and healthier, thereby allowing for more robust hair regrowth. This hair restoration procedure provides supplemental treatment to make the hair transplant surgery as successful as possible, helping to ensure the integrity of the hair grafts.

During the procedure, multiple small injections will be made into your upper scalp layers. This includes the entire site of the transplant, including the area being treated and the donor area.

The process is painless because the scalp will have first been fully numbed. ACell + PRP helps the scalp to heal quickly and thoroughly after the hair transplant.

Hair Transplants in Kansas City, Missouri

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