Tips and Advice for Hair Transplants

hair transplant surgery

Men and women undergo hair transplants surgery to add more hair to the areas of their heads where there is baldness or hair thinning. The procedure involves taking donor hair from other parts of the scalp where there is plenty of healthy hair and transplanting the hair to areas of the scalp that lack adequate natural hair growth.

Hair transplant surgery is a common and safe procedure. However, by following the tips and advice below, you can ensure your recovery goes well and you get the best results possible from the procedure.

Sleep With Your Head Elevated

After your procedure, it is essential to sleep in an upright position. You can do this by using two or more pillows to lift the upper part of your body up. Doing so will help reduce swelling, excessive bleeding, and irritation in the surgery area since gravity will force blood to flow away from the scalp more easily. Also, make sure to sleep in a position that does not irritate the surgery site. Sleep on clean sheets and pillow cases, and change them regularly to ensure you do not expose your scalp to bacteria and germs.

Change Bathing Behavior

Do not wash your scalp instantly after surgery. Typically, you must wait at least 3 days before you can wash your head. Even then, use your surgeon’s recommendation on shampoo and washing technique. Your scalp will be extra sensitive and needs a lot of time to heal. In the meantime, you must use a gentle shampoo recommended by your surgeon to ensure the scalp isn’t irritated in any way.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Immediately following your hair transplant surgery, you should avoid activities that will make you sweat. You should refrain from physical activities such as going to the gym, yoga, and running. You should also stay out of the sun. Your scalp will be sensitive and at a high risk for complications, irritation, and infection, so you need to give it time to heal. Once your scalp heals and your surgeon gives you the all clear sign, you are welcome to enjoy these activities.

Manage Your Diet

To help you recover, you should avoid food that are unhealthy. Refrain from spicy foods, junk food, and excessive amounts of alcohol. Include healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables in your diet, and drink ample amounts of water. This will ensure your body has the nutrition necessary to heal quickly and effectively after surgery.

Hair Restoration in the Kansas City Area and Liberty, Missouri

If you get your surgery performed by a reputable and experienced hair transplant surgeon, you will get guidance and support to ensure your surgery and recovery go well. Make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after your procedure to ensure your surgery goes well and you get the best results possible out of it.

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