FUE vs. FUT Surgery

FUE vs. FUT Surgery

People who are curious about hair restoration might find it hard to look for reliable information on what hair transplant method is safe or which is more effective. To help you, we will discuss the two most common types of hair restoration methods, follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit excision (FUE).

What Is FUT?

Follicular unit transplant or FUT requires strip harvesting, which means that hair, as well as follicles (grafts), are harvested from a donor site. The donor site is an area where good hair growth exists, and it is usually found at the back or on either side of the scalp. To begin an FUT procedure, the surgeon will carefully remove a strip of healthy grafts from the donor site. After the harvesting, the surgeon will proceed to transplant the harvested grafts in small groups to the area that needs it.

FUT procedures allow you to get more hair transplanted for a fuller look. The procedure is also faster to perform. FUT procedures are also less expensive than FUE procedures.

What Is FUE?

Follicular unit excision or FUE is a newer method that can be much more complicated to master for surgeons. Harvesting happens the same way as with a FUT procedure, but instead of transplanting groups of grafts in the desired area, the surgeon will implant each graft one by one. The result is a more natural-looking hairline. Instead of placing bunches of grafts in the scalp, FUE procedures allow surgeons to craft custom and unique placements of the hair to give you a natural (and in some cases, more appealing) result.

FUE procedures require meticulous efforts from the surgeon and generally take much longer to perform. For individuals seeking a fuller hairline, multiple FUE procedures may be necessary. Because of the greater attention to detail and length of the procedure, FUE surgeries generally cost more than FUT procedures. However, for the higher price, you will get results that look more authentic.

Choosing Between FUE and FUT

Choosing between the two procedures may seem like a difficult decision but if you have an experienced surgeon to help you, the decision won’t be hard. Talk to a surgeon who has experience performing both types of procedures about the results you want, and you should be able to conclude which procedure is right for you. Your surgeon will examine your scalp and assess how to give you the results you want.

Surgical Hair Restoration in Kansas City and Liberty, MO

The decision of which hair transplant procedure to undergo is important. To ensure you make the right decision, have an experienced and reputable hair transplant surgeon perform your procedure.

At Darling Hair Restoration, our expert, Dr. Scott Darling, has extensive knowledge on and experience performing FUT and FUE procedures. Should you be interested in addressing your hair loss problem and want to learn more about which hair transplant procedure is right for you, make an appointment with us today.

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