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How Hair Replacement Can Dramatically Transform Your Life

Hair loss affects men and women of all ages. While age is a significant factor, other things like genetics and hormones also play a role in thinning hair. Stress and an unhealthy diet also accelerate the pace of hair loss. If you're having hair…

Hair Care Tips

Hair damage is a sign that you’re exposing your hair to harsh chemicals, you’re not getting the essential nutrients, or you’re simply not taking good care of it. So, how then do you take care of your hair, so you can keep it healthy…

Healthy Tips from a Hair Doctor

Beautiful, strong, and thick hair is a sign of health and beauty. Unfortunately, as we age, many of us will lose our hair. Lifestyle habits, a poor diet, certain medical conditions, and many other factors can negatively impact scalp hair, causing…

Spotlight on Dr. Darling: Hair Restoration Expert

If you’re ready to do something about your hair loss, you’ll want to seek out the best doctor in the area who performs hair restoration methods of all kinds. In Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri, Dr. Scott Darling is here to give you the…
Hair Loss

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

The average person sheds between 50 and 100 hairs a day. This is completely normal and all part of hair’s natural life cycle. It is also normal to experience episodes of excessive hair shedding, which may result from a traumatic or stressful…
Hair Regrowth

Are Stem Cell and PRP Therapy Effective for Hair Regrowth?

If you are suffering from the effects of alopecia, male pattern baldness, or female hair loss, take heart. Your own body may hold the key to natural hair regrowth. All that’s needed is the switch to turn it on. That trigger mechanism is…
Scalp Injections

What Are Scalp Injections?

In the past, hair loss was an unwelcome reality for millions of men and women with few, if any, discernable solutions that didn’t involve some sort of surgery. Today, however, there are many noninvasive and minimally invasive (injection-based)…
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Questions to ask your hair replacement surgeon In Des Moines

The embarrassment of living with a bald spot or hair loss can bring your confidence level down. After some research, you may be considering hair replacement surgery as a solution. Hair replacement surgery is a great way to restore your hairline…
hair transplant surgery

(Video) Traumatic Alopecia

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In this video Dr. Darling describes Traumatic Alopecia and shows how it is reversed in this patient. If you have suffered hair loss from a traumatic event like this patient who lost her hair during a treadmill accident, Darling Hair Restoration…
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Tips and Advice for Hair Transplants

Men and women undergo hair transplants surgery to add more hair to the areas of their heads where there is baldness or hair thinning. The procedure involves taking donor hair from other parts of the scalp where there is plenty of healthy hair…