What Can I Do to Improve the Success of My Hair Transplant Surgery?

hair loss

While hair loss is a common issue, it’s still embarrassing for many men and women. You may feel self-conscious and retreat from opportunities and activities because of it. 

Fortunately, with the assistance of a hair loss specialist, you can get hair restoration surgery to give you back your desired hairline as well as your confidence. While hair restoration surgery is highly successful, there are steps you can take to improve the chances of success. 

Here are some tips to follow. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately 

You’ll need to go without washing your hair for a few days after the procedure. Immediately following the surgery, the implanted hair will be extremely sensitive, and your scalp will not be healed. As such, you should wait until you are fully healed before showering or bathing. 

Your hair loss specialist can let you know how long to refrain. Your physician will also inform you about what types of shampoo you should use when you first start washing your hair again. 

Take Medications As Prescribed 

After your surgery, you may be given an antibiotic to prevent an infection from developing. You should take the antibiotics as prescribed, which is usually given for about five to seven days. Your doctor will inform you of signs to look for that might indicate you have an infection at the transplant site. 

You might also receive an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. You’ll need to take it as prescribed, as well. Patients may also receive a medication to stimulate their own hair growth after the surgery, which will optimize the results. For instance, you may receive a prescription for minoxidil to help with hair growth. Take all medications as prescribed. 

Be Sensitive With Your Scalp

While your scalp heals, you should avoid touching it. This means avoiding head coverings, hair styling chemicals, hair tools (such as hair dryers and straighteners), and brushes and combs. Your scalp will be sensitive and anything could interrupt the healing process. Healing time for hair transplant surgery is typically short – only a couple of weeks at most – so it is best to be patient and leave the scalp alone. 

Quit Smoking 

If you smoke, you’ll want to quit for a designated period of time before and after your surgery. Smoking impacts your blood circulation, which could slow down the healing process. For the best possible results, your scalp should heal on time. Quitting smoking can help with this. 

Eat the Right Foods and Take Vitamins 

Nutrients help the body thrive – and that includes your scalp and hair. In addition, vitamins and minerals are necessary for the healing process. Therefore, if you eat right and take vitamins, you’ll aid the recovery process. Make sure to avoid junk foods and unhealthy snacks while you recover. The healthier you eat, the better shape you will be in to heal from surgery, which will make the procedure a success. 

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