Treating Thinning Hair with FUT Treatments

female patient showing Surgery to implant artificial hairs before and after

One of the two techniques for transplanting hair is follicular unit transplantation (FUT), also known as the strip method. The FUT method involves taking a long piece of tissue that contains hair from the back or sides of the head (the donor area) and grafting it to the balding or thinning area (the recipient area). The hairs on the strip of skin tissue will be removed and transplanted in small groups using a technique called dissection.

The other method commonly used in hair transplant is follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this method, hair is transplanted individually rather than in groups. This method is much more detailed-oriented and takes many hours to complete. Let’s discuss the FUT method to help you make the right decision between these two methods.

The FUT Method and Its Benefits

FUT is the traditional method of hair transplantation. Since the procedure involves making an incision and stitches, recovery time may be longer, however, it is highly manageable. The wound left behind also leaves behind a linear scar, but it is not visible unless you maintain a very short haircut. If you are concerned about scarring, you should choose a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon for this procedure, because they can use an advanced suturing technique called trichophytic closure to minimize the appearance of the donor scar.

Patients who have had FUT can see immediate results of hair transplantation since a high number of hairs can be moved in just one session. Plus, this method has a higher rate of follicle survival compared to the FUE method. In the hands of a highly skilled hair restoration doctor, the procedure can be completed in just a single session.

The benefits of FUT are as follows:

  • Effectively restores better results in terms of density and coverage and makes it possible to achieve maximum fullness of hair.
  • Higher rate of follicular survival since the hairs are in a strip of skin.
  • Usually recommended to men suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.
  • It can be used to treat a larger area of the scalp and is better suited for those with advanced balding/thinning issues, especially around the crown area of the head.
  • Produces natural-looking results.
  • The scar can be made virtually undetectable with advanced suturing methods.
  • No scars will develop after the initial session, compared to the FUE method, which leaves behind a round scar with each hair follicle harvesting.
  • More affordable than the robotic-assisted FUE method.

Hair Transplant Doctor in Kansas City and Des Moines

The success of hair transplant surgery is very much dependent on the skill of the hair transplant doctor. Dr. Scott Darling is a board-certified hair restoration doctor in Kansas City and Des Moines, with significant experience in the FUT and FUE methods of hair transplantation. Dr. Darling uses skill and precision in dissecting and transplanting and utilizes advanced suturing techniques for the best and most natural-looking results.

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