For Hair Loss Sufferers, How FUT Treatments Could Be the Solution

An lder man who is suffering from hair loss looking in the mirror and thinking about undergoing a FUT Treatment.

Most people suffering from hair loss want visible results. Hair loss treatments, even conservative techniques, are not cheap. So, if you’ve been spending money on various hair loss treatments and are still not satisfied with the results, consult a hair transplant surgeon, trained in the latest techniques of hair restoration surgery, who can give you more options for hair loss treatments.

If you want a hair loss solution that can give you dramatic results, consider Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the strip method. FUT is a hair restoration treatment that is advantageous for many hair loss sufferers.

What is FUT?

FUT involves the extraction of a strip of hair and tissue from a donor site (usually on the back of the scalp), which is then dissected, and the follicles harvested to be transplanted individually into small puncture holes on the scalp where there is hair loss. The FUT method allows a lot of hair follicles to be removed and transplanted in a single session.

The procedure may leave behind a very fine and linear scar where the strip of tissue was removed. However, in the hands of a skilled hair restoration surgeon, the scar left behind from FUT is greatly minimized, and the entire process — from extraction to dissection to transplantation — can be completed in a single day.

Two to three weeks after the procedure, the transplanted hair follicles will eventually fall off, which is normal and part of the hair cycle. It paves the way for new, permanent hairs to grow back, creating a healthier-looking and volumized head of hair.

The Advantages of FUT:

FUT has been used for more than 50 years to transplant hairs into areas of the scalp that are losing hair. The advantages of FUT include:

  • A shorter operation time
  • A relatively short recovery period of 10-12 days, although patients can return to most activities in just two to five days
  • A higher rate of follicle survival, maintaining higher-quality, robust grafts
  • No need to shave the back of the head, maintaining preferred hair length
  • Only a single scar is produced by the treatment
  • Natural-looking results
  • The ability to achieve maximum fullness
  • A better option for those with limited hair availability in the donor area and significant balding around the crown
  • More affordability than the FUE method

The ultimate success of FUT treatment will depend on the hair doctor’s skill and experience. Do not place your hair in the hands of a doctor inexperienced with the procedure. Factor a hair doctor’s experience level with the FUT procedure before deciding on this treatment option.

Top Hair Restoration Surgeon in Kansas City, Liberty, and Des Moines

If you are interested in FUT as a hair loss solution, schedule a consultation with Kansas City, Liberty, and Des Moines top hair doctor, Dr. Scott Darling. Dr. Darling is a hair restoration surgeon with decades of experience treating hair loss in males and females. Dr. Darling uses a special technique when performing FUT that significantly reduces the appearance of the scar and can complete the procedure in a single day. His expertise has made it more convenient for patients to get treatment and have a faster recovery.

Dr. Darling will evaluate your type of hair loss and determine what treatment options are available to you. To schedule your appointment, call our hair clinic at (816) 792-3400 or use our convenient appointment request form. We look forward to giving you effective solutions for your type of hair loss and helping you feel more confident in your appearance again!