Hair Loss Remedies You’ve Never Tried

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Hair loss treatments have come a long way in the past several decades. If you are experiencing hair loss, chances are, you are already looking for hair loss solutions that can provide positive results.

Among the latest hair loss remedies that you probably haven’t tried yet are low-level laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, ACell’s MatriStem® technology, and allograft.

Let’s explore each highly advanced hair loss remedy further.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

There was a time when patients had to go to a clinic and sit under a laser device just to reap the benefits of this treatment. Low-level laser therapy units of today are not just more advanced technologically, they can also be brought home. With a home unit low-level laser therapy device, you can use laser light to stimulate hair follicle growth and combat hair loss – all from the comfort of your home.

Low-level laser therapy is most beneficial to patients who are experiencing hair thinning and miniaturization of hair follicles. It also works well with other treatments such as medication and hair transplant surgery.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP therapy for hair loss treatment involves collecting your blood and running it through a centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood components. It is this highly concentrated plasma that is drawn up and injected into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors and cytokines, which stimulate natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the scalp and improving the thickness of the hair shaft.

PRP therapy alone can boost new hair growth, but combining it with other hair loss treatment solutions such as stem cell therapy, ACell, and hair transplant surgery helps produce the most dramatic results.

ACell System

The ACell® system is a product developed by ACell, a regenerative medicine company that produces products to enhance the body’s ability to repair itself at the cellular level. This treatment consists of an extracellular matrix (ECM), a protein complex that acts as a scaffold, stimulating new blood vessel formation and recruiting stem cells to form new tissue. ACell is often used alongside PRP therapy during hair transplant surgery, and also serves as a holding cell for the grafts.


A type of non-surgical hair loss treatment, allograft is derived from amniotic tissues, which contain growth factors, cytokines, and hyaluronic acid, which are powerful anti-inflammatories. Allograft protects the hair follicles from miniaturization and encourages the renewal of those that have begun to decrease in size. Allograft, when combined with PRP therapy, works best especially in patients who are in the early stages of hair loss, although it is also used in hair transplant surgery patients to boost treatment outcomes.

Advanced Hair Loss Treatments in Kansas City and Des Moines

If you are interested in any of the hair loss remedies mentioned here, hair restoration surgeon Dr. Scott Darling offers all of these and more. Dr. Darling will perform a clinical hair loss evaluation, which is very critical to treatment effectiveness. The hair loss treatment Dr. Darling creates for you is highly individualized and contains a combination of several treatments to give you the most dramatic and satisfying results.

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