ACell Hair Injections For Thinning Hair

Hair is called the ‘crowning glory’ for a good reason. Having strong and healthy hair can make a big difference in one’s appearance and confidence. Conversely, hair loss can lower a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, you can see a hair doctor for treatment if you are suffering from hair loss.

ACell therapy is an increasingly popular option for hair regrowth. ACell’s products facilitate the body’s ability to repair itself at the cellular level. ACell therapy is based on MatriStem technology, an extracellular matrix or protein complex that serves as the foundation for new tissue growth.

ACell’s MatriStem technology is an FDA-approved hair transplant formula that stimulates the body’s various healing mechanisms. It can slow down hair loss, foster new hair growth, and make it easier for the scalp to accept new grafts when used during surgery.

Your hair doctor usually combines ACell therapy with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to create a powerful blend of healing and growth factors. PRP is a concentrated portion of platelet-rich plasma derived from your blood. PRP harnesses your platelets’ healing abilities, which contain powerful growth factors that speed up hair growth.

How Does A Hair Doctor Administer ACell Hair Injections?

Before the procedure, your hair doctor will numb your scalp to prevent any discomfort. Once you’re comfortable, they will combine ACell with PRP and inject the blended solution into your scalp. The doctor will administer multiple targeted injections into the upper scalp layers – from the hairline to the crown and donor area.

ACell + PRP repairs and remodels hair follicles at the cellular level. ACell activates adult stem cells in the follicles that may have gone dormant while improving the health of your remaining hair. Likewise, PRP’s growth factors promote the development of new blood vessels and enhance follicular cell function.

Your hair doctor may recommend ACell + PRP therapy as a standalone treatment for early-stage hair loss. It can also supplement hair transplant surgery. For the latter, the injections will cover treated and donor areas. The combined solution holds the hair grafts in place before they are transplanted into the scalp and ensures that the grafts survive, thereby improving the outcome of the surgery.

On its part, PRP limits inflammation and irritation during and after the procedure. Since PRP has platelets and white cells, it can speed up the healing at the injection site.

Benefits Of ACell + PRP Treatment

After the injection, it’s common to experience some swelling, especially in the forehead area. Your hair doctor will discuss your options and may prescribe some medications if needed. You can safely resume your normal activities in a few days.

The effects of ACell + PRP therapy can be observed as early as six months after the first treatment. It usually takes several sessions, but many patients report an improvement after their initial session. The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Comfort during the healing process
  • Stabilization or slowing down of hair loss
  • Hair growth in the injected area
  • Improved hair quality for native hair
  • Minimal tissue formation

ACell + PRP Treatment in Kansas City, MO

Individually, ACell therapy and PRP treatment are powerful tools for hair regrowth. However, when combined, they reinforce each other’s strengths and enhance the outcomes. Whereas standalone PRP treatment would need to be repeated every two months at least, it’s possible to get the same results with an annual ACell + PRP therapy session.

If you would like to check whether ACell + PRP therapy is right for you, visit Darling Hair Restoration. Dr. Scott Darling is a board-certified hair restoration surgeon who has been providing exceptional hair loss treatment since 1999. You can rest easy in the capable hands of Dr. Darling to safely and effectively perform this procedure.

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