Tired of Your Thinning Hair? Try Hair Replacement

Problem of Young woman hair loss, with thin hair.

Thinning hair can be a source of stress, but you do not have to accept the condition. There are many treatment options for thinning hair, and hair restoration procedures have come a long way, successfully restoring hair density for numerous people. While non-surgical options are effective, patients prefer hair transplantation for hair replacement.

Hair transplantation involves the surgical transplantation of hair from donor sites to add more hair to the areas where you are experiencing hair thinning. In the hands of an experienced hair transplant surgeon, you can get dramatic results from this procedure.

Let’s talk about how hair transplantation works as a hair replacement method.

Hair Transplantation Process

In a hair transplant, the surgeon trims the hair in the donor site for easier access and removal of donor hair. The donor site is another area of the head. The doctor removes individual hairs (follicular unit excision) or a linear strip of hair (follicular unit transplantation) to be relocated to an area of the head with thinning hair.


Each method of harvesting and transplantation has its advantages. For instance, follicular unit excision minimizes trauma, leaving little to no scarring, while follicular unit transplantation takes less time and has a higher hair yield and a fuller appearance after healing. Your hair transplant surgeon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method with you and help you decide which one is best based on your needs and preferences.


After a hair transplantation, your head will be cleaned and covered with gauze. Healing begins immediately after a transplantation and recovery time is generally short. In just three months, up to 80 percent of the transplanted hairs will grow. To boost hair growth, your hair transplant surgeon may use other methods such as low-level laser therapy or platelet-rich therapy.

The success of a hair replacement procedure largely depends on the skill of the hair transplant surgeon. For instance, accuracy and extra care in harvesting the hair follicles are important so as not to damage the hair follicles or else they will be unusable. In the hands of a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon, you can get beautiful, permanent, and natural-looking results from the procedure.

To get the best results from a hair replacement, it is recommended that patients seek hair thinning and hair loss treatments early.

Thinning Hair Treatment in Kansas City, Des Moines & Liberty, MO

If you are wondering whether a hair transplant is right for you, consult top Kansas Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Scott Darling. Dr. Darling will perform a comprehensive hair loss evaluation to ensure he gives you the hair replacement option that will produce the most dramatic results. In addition to hair transplant surgery, Dr. Darling usually combines other non-surgical options to further improve hair density, such as ACell and PRP therapy. In our hair restoration clinic, we offer a wide range of hair thinning and hair loss solutions for our patients.

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