Baldness Treatments That Work and Hair Loss Tips

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Hair loss can be embarrassing. When dealing with hair loss, you might be unsure where to turn for help. You might resort to hiding it by changing your hairstyle or buying products or vitamins that claim to restore your hair — all of which are merely band-aid solutions. However, instead of experimenting with different hair growth products or simply suffering in silence, it’s best to seek help and proper treatment to save your tresses from falling out and your self-esteem from falling apart.

Let’s learn how to treat and prevent hair loss and where you can go in Liberty, MO, for effective hair treatment.

What Treatments Are Used for Hair Loss?


Both men and women could use this topical medication. It’s available over the counter and does not require a prescription. It’s more effective on the crown and less on the frontal region. You will need to apply Minoxidil once or twice a day. Be careful not to apply it on your neck and face as that may cause hair growth in those areas.


This medication is meant only for men with androgenic hair loss. It reduces hair loss by blocking the action of natural hormones within the hair follicles. You’ll need to use it for six to 12 months to see the full effects. Possible side effects include impotence and decreased libido.

Hair Transplant

In a hair transplant, your doctor will take hair from the back and put it near the front. Before getting a hair transplant, you’ll need to figure out if you have:

  1. Sufficient healthy hair that can be transplanted
  2. The ability to grow hair on the thinning scalp area

If you fit the criteria, your doctor may perform a hair transplant. It usually takes around four to eight hours. Your doctor could either remove healthy hairs by cutting a strip of skin from your scalp or individually removing them. Then, they will be transplanted into the thinned area.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

This procedure uses low-level laser devices to help with hair loss. It also stimulates healing and hair growth after a hair transplant. The devices could also be used at home even without having a prescription. They could come in the form of hats, combs, or helmets and typically cost around $50 to over $1,000. Though safe and painless, laser therapy requires many sessions.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP treatment involves drawing a small amount of your blood and then placing it into a machine that separates the plasma. The plasma is then injected into the area affected by hair loss. It takes 10 minutes to complete the procedure though it takes many sessions. Most patients return once a month for three months and then once every three to six months.


Androgens, which include “male” hormones such as testosterone, could accelerate hair loss in women. If women don’t respond to Minoxidil or have polycystic ovary syndrome, anti-androgens could be beneficial in treating hair loss. Some possible side effects are depression, weight gain, fatigue, and loss of libido.


Microneedling could help stimulate hair growth. While it’s possible to buy a microneedling device without a prescription, it would be best to check with your doctor first.

Tips for Hair Loss Prevention

While treating hair loss at an early stage is effective for successful results, it’s still best to prevent hair loss. Here are some useful tips for hair loss prevention:

  1. Use a gentle shampoo.
  2. Apply a moisturizing conditioner.
  3. Use a leave-in conditioner or detangler.
  4. Dry your hair using a microfiber towel.
  5. Avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. If needed, try spacing them out every six months or longer to allow your hair to recover.
  6. Stop coloring, chemical straightening, and perming hair at home.
  7. Don’t use hair color, gels, and other styling products too frequently.
  8. Limit your use of hair irons, hot combs, curlers, and blow dryers.
  9. Use the lowest heat setting on your blow dryer.
  10. Stop wearing tight buns, ponytails, pigtails, braids, or cornrows.
  11. Don’t twist or pull on your hair.
  12. When brushing or combing your hair, do it gently and avoid tugging on it. Ideally, you should use a natural bristle brush.
  13. Eat a healthy diet and drink supplements.
  14. Quit smoking.

Hair Loss Treatment in Liberty, MO

Hair loss is an issue you have to nip in the bud. The longer you wait, the more hair you lose.

At Darling Hair Restoration, Dr. Darling is committed to offering the best hair loss treatments to help our patients regain their looks and confidence. The sooner you visit him, the sooner you can start treatment and achieve successful results. If you want to schedule a consultation, contact us today or use our online appointment request form.