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Trichologist examines woman patient's hairs using computer trichoscopy in clinic. Runs a trichoscope over head skin and looks at hairs on monitor screen. Diagnostic of hair follicles to cure.

Reasons to See a Trichologist

A trichologist is a trained expert in hair and scalp health and appearance. If you worry about how your hair looks, your scalp feels, or if thinning hair upsets you, a trichologist may help you. Let’s talk about the reasons to see a trichologist…
Man with hair loss problem receiving injection in head by young female doctor. Treatment of baldness with beauty injection. Man with hair loss problem receiving injection on white background, close up

ACell Transplant: Is It a Long-term Solution?

Millions of American men and women suffer from hair loss by mid-life, but did you know your hair loss has a successful, long-term solution? It’s the ACell hair transplant. An in-office surgical procedure that grafts hair follicles into…
hair doctor examining a female patient's hair

What a Hair Doctor Can Do for You

When it comes to our hair, we want what's best for it. However, sometimes, no matter how well we take care of it, things still go awry. If you're losing more hair than you’re supposed to and are now at your wit's end, it's probably time…
Man with thinning hair

Hair Replacement: The Best Way for Men and Women to Regain Their Lost Confidence

Hair loss has several causes. You can lose hair due to aging, genetics, medical conditions, stress and trauma, injury, burns, or certain medications. While it doesn't have direct harmful physical effects, it can lead to mental health problems…