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Treat the scar

Treatment Procedures a Scar Repair Doctor Can Do

Hair transplants, head and neck surgeries, and even cosmetic facelift procedures can leave scalp scars. Sadly, these scars may thicken (a hereditary condition called keloids) and become obvious due to their location. However, you can take advantage…
Trichologist examines woman patient's hairs using computer trichoscopy in clinic. Runs a trichoscope over head skin and looks at hairs on monitor screen. Diagnostic of hair follicles to cure.

Reasons to See a Trichologist

A trichologist is a trained expert in hair and scalp health and appearance. If you worry about how your hair looks, your scalp feels, or if thinning hair upsets you, a trichologist may help you. Let’s talk about the reasons to see a trichologist…
Scalp Scars repair

How Scalp Scars Are Repaired

Scars in themselves are a reminder of either a good or a bad experience. Scalp scars, in particular, can occur due to an injury, certain conditions like scarring alopecia, or the very procedure done to restore your hair to its previous glory—hair…