Treatment Procedures a Scar Repair Doctor Can Do

Treat the scar

Hair transplants, head and neck surgeries, and even cosmetic facelift procedures can leave scalp scars. Sadly, these scars may thicken (a hereditary condition called keloids) and become obvious due to their location. However, you can take advantage of the services of a skilled scar repair doctor and return to looking and feeling your very best.

Let’s talk about some of the scar revision procedures offered by a scar repair doctor and where you can go to get effective scar revision procedures in Liberty, MO.

Broken Geometric Line Repair

This surgical technique addresses bumpy, obvious scalp scars by creating irregular cuts with a scalpel. Tissue reduction, careful suturing, and appropriate healing time leaves a scalp scar that is smoother and easier to camouflage with surrounding hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

If you qualify for this type of scar revision, your hair restoration doctor will take follicles from a donor site on your own body–typically the chest or beard if you are a man or a woman, from another part of your scalp. Then, the scar doctor transplants these hair follicles one by one into the scar using a highly successful micro-pinching technique. This technique creates aesthetic results that look natural, even though only small portions of scar tissue are removed.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

This less invasive scar repair procedure involves the use of a microneedle to apply color-matched pigment to the scalp scar, thus approximating the look of the patient’s hair. The results are very realistic, and people say the hair surrounding the treated area of the scalp appears fuller after this scar revision service. Plus, with scalp micropigmentation, there is little to no downtime post-procedure.

ACell And PRP Therapy

These innovative injection techniques stem from regenerative medicine research and application. Both increase the body’s healing factors and in the case of ACell therapy, reduce the thickness and rough texture common to scalp scarring. Scars are less obvious, flatter in contour and softer to the touch.

With PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, therapy, the physician harvests the patient’s blood platelets, concentrates them, and injects them back directly into areas of hair transplantation. Platelet-rich plasma therapy proactively speeds healing by improving the blood supply and oxygenation in the operated areas of the scalp. This therapeutic effect reduces the appearance of traumatic scars from motor vehicle accidents, falls, and work accidents, too.

Which Scar Repair Procedure Is Best for Me?

If you are wondering which scar repair procedure is best for you, trust the triple-certified hair restoration and scar repair doctor, Dr. Scott Darling, at Darling Hair Restoration. He will walk you through the treatment options that are best for your health, personal appearance, and long-term results.

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