Three Reasons to Get ACell + PRP in Hair Transplant Procedure

Patient Before Transplant surgery

If you’ve planned a hair transplantation surgery to stop hair loss progression and regrow hair, your hair doctor may recommend you to consider ACell + PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in your hair transplant procedure.

ACell + PRP is a therapy designed to kick start your body’s own healing mechanism to boost the effects of hair transplant surgery.

Before looking into why one would consider ACell + PRP in hair transplant procedures, let’s talk about what ACell + PRP therapy is and how they are used in hair transplant procedures.

What Is ACell + PRP Therapy?

This is a combination of ACell, a regenerative medicine product, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

As an extracellular matrix protein complex, ACell facilitates the body’s ability to repair itself. It acts as a scaffold for the growth of new tissues.

While platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a part of your own blood, it is rich in growth factors that stimulate the rapid production of new cells and promote healing.

How ACell + PRP Are Used in Hair Transplant Procedure?

In order to use ACell+ PRP as a part of the hair transplant procedure, your hair doctor will inject them in both the donor and recipient areas. The ACell+ PRP is administered after harvesting donor hairs from the donor site and before making the recipient site for the hair transplant.

Reasons to Consider ACell + PRP in Hair Transplant Procedure

Following are some common reasons people prefer their surgery to be combined with ACell + PRP.

#1 ACell + PRP Offer Faster Healing Period

After your hair transplant surgery is complete, real patience comes into play, which is healing after surgery.

When ACell is combined with PRP, the healing process becomes more comfortable with almost minimal pain and discomfort as it creates a potent mixture of growth factors that promote healing. This blend initiates the healing process immediately after the hair transplant procedure, allowing the small wound in the donor and recipient sites to heal faster and enhance your hair transplant results.#2 It Improves Quality of Existing Hair

ACell + PRP repair and remodel the damaged tissues, including the miniaturized hair follicles, by working at the cellular level. They not only produce more robust hair growth but also cause the miniaturized hair follicles to become larger and healthier.

Aside from miniaturized hair follicles, the quality and density of existing hair also get better as they become healthier. The therapy helps keep more hair on the head to protect targeted hair follicles from starting the miniaturization process.

#3 It Minimizes Scar Tissue Formation

One of the most common reasons for using ACell + PRP in hair transplant procedures is that they will leave the new tissues where the scar tissue would normally be expected. This is because the growth factor of PRP also promotes the rapid development of new cells in the damaged tissue.

ACell Hair Injection in Kansas City, Des Moines & Liberty, MO

At Darling Hair Restoration, Dr. Scott Darling offers ACell + PRP in hair transplant procedures after evaluating your condition and determining if the treatment is right for you. He will also guide you through the entire process to ensure that you are comfortable during the therapy.

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