(Video) Traumatic Alopecia

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In this video Dr. Darling describes Traumatic Alopecia and shows how it is reversed in this patient. If you have suffered hair loss from a traumatic event like this patient who lost her hair during a treadmill accident, Darling Hair Restoration can help reverse your hair loss. Call us at 888-757-7546 or request an appointment online.

Advanced Hair Restoration Treatments for Alopecia in Kansas City & Des Moines

You do not have to live with patchy hair loss forever. When it comes to traumatic alopecia, a hair restoration expert can help to restore your hair.

The talented and compassionate hair restoration experts at Darling Hair Restoration have expertise and experience in restoring hair for patients with alopecia. Find out how we can transform your life using the most advanced and cutting-edge treatments available.

To schedule a consultation, call Darling Hair Restoration at (888) 757-7546 or send an appointment request now.