What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus – and How to Protect Yourself and Those You Love

The Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 … America has faced many adversities in its history and has managed to emerge stronger in the aftermath. But how do you fight and defeat an invisible medical enemy – especially one as seemingly challenging…
Hair Transplant Surgery

Candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss issues affect both men and women of all ages. Hair loss can be attributed to illnesses, genetics, stress, aging, and even psychological issues. However, it occurs, losing hair can leave a person feeling self-conscious and unhappy with…
Hair Transplant Surgery

(Video) Traumatic Alopecia

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In this video Dr. Darling describes Traumatic Alopecia and shows how it is reversed in this patient. If you have suffered hair loss from a traumatic event like this patient who lost her hair during a treadmill accident, Darling Hair Restoration…