5 Reasons Why to Get Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow Transplants

Similar to fashion, eyebrow styles change every so often. One decade, thin eyebrows may be in, while in another decade, thick eyebrows may be the way to go. However, if you have thinning or balding eyebrows, you may find yourself drawing them on so they look like fake eyebrows.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to combat hair loss in your eyebrows so they look natural again, and the best way is through an eyebrow transplant. If you are wondering why you should get an eyebrow transplant, here are five good reasons:

  1. Fix the Damage Caused by Genetics or Too Much Plucking – If you have lost eyebrow density due to genetics or from plucking your eyebrows too much when you were younger, you may be stuck with permanent eyebrow hair loss. No matter what the reason is behind your eyebrow hair loss, you can restore them through an eyebrow transplant, and once again, have thick, full eyebrows.
  2. Restore Your Confidence The eyebrows frame your face, help enhance expressions, and make your face more appealing. While makeup may be able to help restore your eyebrows temporarily, it does not give you perfect results. Most eyebrows drawn on with makeup are easily recognizable as being false. This is also not a permanent solution to hair loss in the eyebrows, and constantly applying makeup to your eyebrows can be tedious. An eyebrow transplant will take away this issue. You will have permanently beautiful eyebrows day and night without the need of applying makeup to shape or darken them.
  3. Permanent and Natural Results One of the best reasons to get an eyebrow transplant is the fact that you get permanent results. Unlike eyebrow tinting or makeup, you will not need to get repeat treatments or apply makeup to have youthful-looking eyebrows. Your eyebrows will be 100% natural. You will not have any scarring or unnatural coloring on your skin. This gives you the most authentic results possible.
  4. Quick Recovery Eyebrow transplants are quick and easy procedures. A typical procedure takes 3 to 4 hours to complete and involves the use of a numbing agent. You will be comfortable and awake throughout the procedure. You will also be able to return home immediately following your procedure. Recovery takes about a week while your skin heals. Like with any hair transplant procedure, you will see results several weeks after your eyebrow transplant.
  5. Modern Eyebrow Restoration Surgical Techniques – One of the reasons why you should get an eyebrow transplant by a medical doctor is their unparalleled knowledge and expertise. Eyebrows have to be crafted in a particular shape and size to look appealing. A skilled hair-restoration physician understands this, and the doctor will craft your eyebrows to the most flattering shape and size according to your face and preference. You will get a customized eyebrow design and procedure to ensure that you love your eyebrows again.

Eyebrow Transplants in Kansas City and Des Moines

If you are suffering from hair loss in your eyebrows and you aren’t sure what to do about it, consider learning more about an eyebrow transplant. The medical experts here at Darling Hair Restoration have a lot of experience performing hair transplants and eyebrow transplants, and we would love to meet with you and discuss options that can help you achieve your desired look.

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