A Timeline for Hair Transplant Recovery

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Hair transplant surgery is a great way to restore your hair in a permanent way. If you suffer from hair loss and want a long-term solution to restore your hairline, a hair transplant may be the right solution for you.  If you are considering a hair transplant, it’s best to know what to expect after your procedure so that you are well prepared beforehand.

After Hair Restoration Surgery

After your procedure, you can expect at least a couple of weeks of rest as your newly transplanted hair gets time to set in, and any wounds from the surgery heal. This includes sleeping with your head elevated, being very careful not to touch or wash your scalp, and refraining from sweating. It is best to stay out of the sun and in the comfort of your home while you recover for at least a week or two.

After surgery, you may or may not have stitches at the donor site where the hair was extracted, depending on the type of hair transplant procedure you got done. However, you will have tiny visible spots where the hair was transplanted. These spots should go away within a few days.

Keep in mind that your new hair will actually fall out within the first few weeks. This is normal, and new hair will regrow in its place. After the initial hair falls out, new hair should start appearing within a few months. By that time, the new hair follicles will be firmly rooted in the scalp.

Caring for Your New Hair

Your doctor will discuss your after-care plan with you, which will be based on your procedure, any complications that may need to be accounted for, and your recovery speed. It is best to follow your doctor’s directions to ensure you recover well and as planned.

Around the time when your new hair is growing in, some people develop inflammation or infection of the follicles (folliculitis). This is a fairly common occurrence, so no need to panic – a simple course of antibiotics will take care of it.

Your doctor will likely instruct you to use a special shampoo to wash your scalp for a few weeks following surgery. These products are designed to protect your newly transplanted hair and surgical wound. It’s important to use the right products while your scalp recovers. This will ensure your transplant procedure is a success and that you don’t have any unnecessary complications.

About a year after the procedure, your newly transplanted hair will have fully taken root. All the hair will have grown in, and hopefully, the final results will make you look and feel your best!

Hair Transplant in Kansas City and Des Moines

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